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Health Benefits of OW Heal Organic Amla C+ :

✔Loaded with the purest form of Vitamin C

✔Helps to strengthen Immunity and prevents Cold, Cough, and Fever

✔Helps to reduce the acid level in the stomach and fights inflammation

✔Rich in Anti-aging properties and helps to promote beautiful skin

✔Amla acts as a great blood purifier

✔Regular consumption helps in increasing hemoglobin naturally

✔Good for hair and scalp health.


OW Heal Amla C+ 有機維C+

有機醋栗果, 高抗氧化物, 有助 :—

  • 純天然植物性維他命C,不含人做添加物
  • 有助提昇免疫力,保持上呼吸道系統健康
  • 有助舒緩胃炎不適, 中和胃酸
  • 有助淨化血液
  • 保持皮膚健康美麗
  • 維護口腔牙齦健康
  • 補血
  • 有助保持頭皮頭髮健康, 預防脫髮及頭皮屑多的問題






建議每天1-2 粒, 餐前或餐後


產地 : 印度


有機認証,食物安全ISO22000, GRAS,GMP廠生產

微生物學家Dr. Sanjay Nagarkar, Ph.D

GN Organic Amla C+植物維C+(醋栗果

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