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Benefits of Skin Tone Capsules:

✔Helps to Improve the complexion and promotes a clear healthy radiant glow

✔It promotes healthy skin tone, rejuvenates and restores the skin

✔Helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, signs of Aging

✔Clear and prevent acne, control excess oil secretions

✔Natural remedy for Skin Irritation, Skin Infections, Skin Allergies, Blemishes,

✔Helpful in Pigmentation, Low luster of the skin


OW Heal Ayush Kwath 有機美顏寶

100% 有機 草本 安全

有助 :—

  • 100% 有機草本配方
  • 提昇皮膚健康光澤
  • 緊緻皮膚, 減淡幼紋
  • 保健皮膚水油分泌平衡
  • 淡化色斑, 舒緩暗


成份:有機 苦楝葉, 有機薑黃, 有機醋栗果, 植物性膠囊




建議每天1-2 粒, 餐前或餐後


產地 : 印度


有機認証,食物安全ISO22000, GRAS,GMP廠生產

微生物學家Dr. Sanjay Nagarkar, Ph.D 二之認証品質安全

GN SkinTone 美顏寶

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