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Benefits of Liv Fit Capsules:

✔ Helpful in Kidney stones

✔ Scanty urination, painful and Excessive urination

✔ Helpful for Fatty Liver, Alcoholic, and other types of cirrhosis and anemia

✔ Helpful in jaundice, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C

✔ Useful in both Liver as well as in Kidney disorders

✔ Detoxify the liver and helpful in gas formation and indigestion


Directions of use:

1-2 capsules with food and water twice a day, at least 3 months, or as directed by a healthcare provider.


Safe for long-term use.



Organic bhumyaamlaki whole plant Organic punarnava root Organic katuki rhizome with root Vegetable cellulose capsules


Food Safety ISO22000, GRAS, GMP

Quality verified by Dr. Sanjay Nagarkar, Ph.D, Microbial Ecologist of The University of Hong Kong

GN Liv Fit 肝健

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