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Benefits of Prostate Fit Capsules:

✔ supports healthy prostate and normal male urogenital function

✔ helps to Improve urinary tract function and flow

✔ support Male Energy

✔ to soothes the symptoms of enlarged prostate

✔ to prevents degenerative changes in the prostate and Strengthens urethral muscles



✔90 capsules in a Glass bottle (keep it safe from internal and external chemical reactions)


Dosage and Direction of Use:

✔1-2 capsules with food and water twice a day for at least 3 months or as directed by a healthcare provider  ✔Safe for long-term use



✔Organic Organic Motha Rhizome  ✔Organic Turmeric Rhizome  ✔Organic Rama Tulsi Leaves  ✔Organic Neem leaves  ✔Organic neem flowers  ✔Vegetable cellulose capsules


Product of India


Organic, Food Safety ISO22000, GRAS, GMP

Quality verified by Dr. Sanjay Nagarkar, Ph.D, the Microbial Ecologist of The University of Hong Kong

GN Prostate Fit 前列健康

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